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  • For information:

    We did some tests with EPP-boxes and cigarettes. We let cigarettes burn in small EPP box for 5 minutes, then we closed small air hole in box and let cigarettes there over weekend.

    EPP didn’t absorb any smell. The box was little bit smoky inside still on Monday, but rinsing EPP with water removed all odor. So test passed 🙂

  • Hi,

    We have potential customer in air conditioning industry, and they are asking is there some data of EPP sound damping properties or how does EPP absorb odors?

    For example fan motor noise (200-500Hz) and cigarette smoke from air?


    If you have any experience, that would help a lot 🙂 Danke schön!

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    Thank you Thorsten 🙂 Micro holes look like much better solution.

  • Hello,

    Where could I order sintered metal logos / text plates for EPS/EPP molds?
    What do I need to take into account when designing logo and logo place in mold?

    At the moment our logos are engraved to 2-4mm aluminum plates.

    BR, Lauri // Finland

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